10 Email Marketing Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Email marketing is one of the most profitable strategies available to the online entrepreneur (and offline business owners, too).

Consider this: About 99% of your website visitors will leave without buying anything from you on their first visit. But by creating a great opt-in offer you can at least get their contact details — and then use email marketing to follow up, build relationships, and turn them into paying customers.

And email marketing is by far the BEST and CHEAPEST way to stay in touch with your customers and build rock-solid relationships with them — so they’ll buy from you again and again! (This is called the “lifetime value” of your customers, and it’s extremely profitable.)

Email marketing just plain works! Just take a look at these statistics from PostFuture:

  • There are now more than 1 BILLION Internet users worldwide — and 90% of them use email.
  • 70% of users receive opt-in email from online businesses.
  • 82% of online buyers have made at least one purchase in response to an email promotion.
  • 32% have made an immediate online purchase in response to an email.

With numbers like these, you can understand why I’m always stunned to hear about a business that STILL hasn’t started to take advantage of email marketing strategies.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to use email marketing to ramp up your profits, here are 10 proven email marketing strategies to get you started…

Email marketing strategy #1: Develop relationships and establish credibility by offering free information

Sending your subscribers valuable, free information — such as an authoritative eBook — will help them get to know and trust you. Once you’ve established your credibility, you dramatically increase your chances of converting subscribers into lifelong customers.

You can offer anything from a free report to a free trial version of software… whatever you think your subscribers would like!

Email marketing strategy #2: Encourage repeat visits by announcing regular specials

Once you’ve started collecting email addresses, you can send your customers and subscribers regular updates letting them know what your specials are. Sending regular discount offers is a great way to get your customers familiar with you and your site — and turn them into regulars who will buy from you again and again.

Email marketing strategy #3: Host “Customer Only” events

Suppose you own a restaurant, and you’ve been collecting your customers’ email addresses. You could send each of them an email invitation to an exclusive wine-tasting evening for regular diners only. Rewards like this are one of the best ways to capitalize on the lifetime value of your customers.

If you own an online business, you can set up a special page on your site that is accessible only to customers — and then send them an email telling them how to take advantage of the specials you advertise on that page.

Email marketing strategy #4: Include promotions in appointment reminders

If you are running a service business, as opposed to a retail business, you can still capitalize on the power of email marketing by sending appointment reminders to your clients.

If you’re a karate teacher, for example, you could send your new clients an email three days before their first lesson, reminding them where you are located and when they need to arrive. In that same message, you could include a coupon that offers them 25% off their lessons if they bring a friend to enroll as well!

Email marketing strategy #5: Follow up with your hottest leads

You can use email to follow up with people you have spoken with personally, but who have not made a purchase. Offer to answer any additional questions they may have, and let them know that you are available to speak with them at their convenience. This can dramatically increase your chances of closing a sale by providing your leads with extra information they’re not expecting.

Email marketing strategy #6: Offer electronic “loyalty coupons”

This is a great way to get your existing customers to buy from you again and again. Simply send each of your customers a coupon that they can print and bring with them into your store or use on your website. It is always a good idea to make your coupons valid for a limited time only to motivate your customers to make a purchase from you as soon as possible.

Email marketing strategy #7: Send follow-up offers to your customers

Follow-up offers are one of the most powerful ways to build a profitable business. because they build on the trust you’ve established to close the initial sale — and turn first-time buyers into regular customers.

How profitable can follow-up email be? My team once sent our customers a follow-up email introducing them to a product that we thought they might like. The entire process of writing the email and sending it out took about 20 minutes — and the result was a direct profit of $74,000!

Email marketing strategy #8: Encourage “Send to a Friend” referrals

Email is a great way to encourage referrals because it’s easy for people to forward messages to their families, friends, and coworkers. Make sure every newsletter, offer, or eBook you send to your subscribers reminds them that they can forward your message to anyone they think might be interested.

You could even run a promotion that gives your existing customers something for free every time they personally refer a new customer to you.

Email marketing strategy #9: Deliver your product electronically

Suppose you’ve written a book and you’re currently selling paperback copies through your site for $29 each. By creating a digital version of your book — which is WAY easier than you’re probably thinking — you can simply email it to your customers.

And since you won’t have to worry about things like printing costs, warehousing, packaging, and delivery, you can DRAMATICALLY increase your profit margin!

Email marketing strategy #10: Use email to sell your knowledge and create recurring revenue

If you are an expert on a particular topic — and just about everyone is — then you’ve got a successful business based on a paid-subscription newsletter waiting to be born.

Of course there are tons of other email marketing strategies you can put to use. And once you realize just how easy it is to use it to drive sales, you’ll be thinking of all kinds of new strategies yourself!

An Unusual Way to Get Rich – Create a Flea Market Small-Business Empire With Wholesale Products

FACT: Many people earn $1,000 per day (that’s $104,000 per year) just selling at flea markets and swap meets on weekends. (I’ve actually made more than that on some days.) Most people think we are just a bunch of poor folks trying to make an extra dollar, and that’s exactly what we want them to think.

What do we know that you don’t? What are our secrets? Can you do it?

Yes. Anyone can sell at flea markets and become wealthy…and I’m going to tell you exactly how right here.

Becoming a flea market vendor is easy and affordable. Your expenses will be the cost of your merchandise and space rent. Daily rent for an outside space can be as little as $5-$10 per day. Many people begin by selling used items and move into selling brand new items purchased from wholesale companies. New items outsell used items two to one and have a higher profit ratio.

Most people already have a table or two they can bring with them. I actually began my flea market and swap meet business with only $200 and a couple card tables I borrowed. I now earn thousands of dollars every month without fail. (Of course, the more money you have to buy merchandise, the faster your new business will grow.)

The key is to let your new business grow. Don’t kill it by taking all the profits out of it! I suggest that you have a job or another source of income to cover your living expenses for at least the first six months after starting your new business.

There’s an old adage in this business: ‘The more you have, the more you’ll sell.’ Believe me, it is true! Take that to heart and put all of your profits into buying more merchandise, so you’ll have even more to sell the next weekend.

Who do you think most shoppers will go to, the guy sitting there with four items on a single card table or three spaces across the aisle from him literally loaded with millions of different items? If you think you have enough merchandise, you don’t.

If you use your profits to build your business and buy more merchandise every week it won’t be more than a few months before your sales rapidly increase and you can begin keeping some of the profits for yourself without killing it.

If you live in a northern climate that is cold in winter or a southern climate that is hot and humid during summer, you might consider renting a space inside a flea market building. Yes, your space rent will go up a bit, but you’ll have the advantage of heat and air conditioning (comfortable shoppers spend more money), as well as a secure enclosure for your tables and merchandise during the week when the market is closed.

Once your first small business is running well, use the profits from it to open a second small business at the same flea market or swap meet, selling a different type of merchandise. Expanding is as simple as renting another space and hiring someone to run it for you. Again, your costs will only be merchandise and space rent and whatever you pay your help. (Be good to them and they will be very good to you.) Just as with your first business, put the profits back into your second business and allow it to build.

The profits from two small businesses will allow you to open a third small business with ease. Do the same as you did before and allow your third business to grow. Put the money back into it by purchasing more merchandise.

Then open a fourth, a fifth, a sixth small business at the same flea market. It’s not only possible but almost guaranteed that if you will do that you will create your own small business empire in less than one year and have a yearly income in excess of $100,000 after expenses.

If you just put the profit back into your first new business, it will grow without another penny out of your pocket. The profits will allow you to open a second, a third and so on. You don’t need a small business loan to get started.

Plus, you are not limited to just one flea market or swap meet. There may be other markets within 20 or 30 miles of you, where you can do the very same thing and multiply your earnings.

If you follow this simple yet effective formula it won’t be long before you can stop selling at flea markets yourself and just become a manager, overseeing your small business empire and stepping in to give your employees breaks.

Once you are making a very good income, consider other ways to invest your money to make even more profit, such as opening your own wholesale house and selling merchandise to flea market vendors and make even more.

Flea markets and swap meets are an excellent venue in which the average person may start their own small business and become wealthy by creating a small business empire.

Tips to Market Your Home

Selling a home online is the simplest way for an owner to sell his home himself. Like in any kind of sale, online selling also warrants extensive marketing. Marketing techniques used to reach the target market help in the quick sale of the property.

Effective marketing techniques are those that make the deal seem lucrative to the buyer. Online facilities offer the seller a lot of flexibility for marketing the property. However, one should use these facilities to bring out the features of the property in an attractive manner.

Here are some useful tips for marketing a home:

1. Property portals allow the seller to post descriptions about the property. Generally, there is no limitation on the number of words that can be used. However, it is beneficial not to go overboard and write lengthy descriptions. You should write brief, precise description of the property. This is because the prospects lose interest in lengthy descriptions and may opt to read about a different property.

What should you include in the description of the house?

• Location of the house

• Number of bedrooms

• Number of bathrooms

• Square-foot area

• Highlights such as the type of flooring, if kitchen sinks are made of steel or any other features, etc.

• You should also highlight if public transportation system is close-by.

• It is also beneficial to mention nearby malls, schools, etc.

The description should be worded such that the seekers can easily find relevant information.

2. You can post a number of pictures on the website. You should take care to capture attractive images with a proper lighting of the home. You could also consider home-staging before taking the photographs. Photographs should be taken from vantage points so as to make the home look spacious.

3. Online listing offers you the opportunity to post a virtual tour of the property. This enables the seeker to get a fair idea about the house. Before you record the video you should ensure that the home looks attractive. For this, it is essential to de-clutter and organise the house. Home-staging also helps in enhancing the appeal of the home.

4. Although the trend is for buyers to search properties online, it helps to advertise in the newspaper also.

5. You can also distribute e-flyers.

6. You can put up ‘Home for Sale’ boards in your yard.

7. You can send direct mails to neighbours, agents of buyers and to buyers in other locations.

Though not exhaustive these are some useful pointers which help in marketing a property effectively. In addition to these, you can use your creativity to market your home. Effective marketing will enable you to sell your property without an agent. This will help you in enhancing your gains.

The New Marketing Research Tool – Twitter

Conducting marketing research is very important for any business. The key to success of any online business is the profitability of the niche market you select. First and foremost though should be the determination of market demand. Without the demand the probability of generating any profit is zip. With that said our consideration will turn to a relatively new way to conduct market research that will enable you to uncover those niche markets with plenty demand and profit potential.

Twitter, the fast growing micro blogging social network site offers you the opportunity to tap into a real time search engine containing invaluable research information.

If you’re looking for online business ideas around which to build an income Twitter could be your answer.

Let’s look at a simple 3 step process you can use to help you generate potent niche marketing opportunities by using Twitter.

Determine Popular Topics First

Firstly you want to see what everybody is talking about by looking at ‘trending topics’ which is located on the right hand side of the page. Being Twitter is a highly populated social network site you can assume trends found here reflect most of what you may find across the internet.

Under trending topics you’ll find separate ‘discussions’ being held on various topics. The topics or keywords of these individual discussions are precluded by a hash mark (#). Choose a topic of interest to you and join the conversation.

Focusing on conversations that interest you is very important!

Two other methods you can use to locate popular topics on Twitter are visiting hashtags dot org and stufftotweet dot com.

Find the Conversations

Track down these conversations on Twitter by entering the appropriate keywords into the search box.

Plug into conversations as this will be your market research.

Start to follow some of the participants since generally once you follow someone they’ll follow you back. This allows you to stay up with and view these conversations as they occur from day to day.

Plug Into & Follow the Conversations

Now that you’ve located these conversations you of course will contribute where you can but you definitely want to listen and take notes. You are looking for trends, common problems, angles, or other ideas to explore. If possible uncover a common problem and develop a solution for it. This could be the basis of your niche.

Throughout the course of these discussions various ideas, opinions, or preferences will be offered so take note of this. Focus in on the more prevalent and consistent ‘sub-topics’ to help you ‘narrow’ your search’.

By following these conversations over an extended period of time you’ll be validating the lasting popularity or interest of the topic you’re ‘researching’.

This process will be conducted over a period of time and the information you collect can then be used to further explore with other market research tools. You’ll want to do this to insure your hunch/findings possess the market potential you are looking for.

Marketing research can be very time consuming and boring but it is a necessary evil for any online business. The key to your success will the profit potential of the niche market you select as the core of your business. Determining the market demand is your first step when considering the potential of any number of niche markets. The accuracy of your market research is crucial and if done correctly will lead to profitable online business ideas for you. Knowing how to efficiently use the real time search engine that Twitter has should enable you to speed up the research process. Just following the current trends and the conversations surrounding them should supply you with very insightful data. It is then up to you to put this information to work as you apply it to your niche marketing efforts. The end results should be rewarding.

Marketing Chocolate

Throughout history, chocolate has been marketed differently to different consumer types. Some companies like to show their customers that their chocolate has the most weight, by using digital scales and then showing what the price computing scales read on the actual package label. Yet, other companies prefer to create an upscale image, by making their products seem rich and indulgent. This article discusses the different ways to market chocolate.

1. Make a product that is meant for the everyday consumer. This type of chocolate is made for those who want an average chocolate bar. The packaging is usually very simple and the prices are the same or lower than the rest of the competition.

2. Create a rich and luxurious image for the product. This type of chocolate is set above the rest in price. It usually has gold packaging and has a look that is different from all of the competitors.

3. Organic products are becoming more and more popular, so making chocolate to appease this type of consumer is a newer marketing technique. In order for a chocolate to be organic, it must be approved by the USDA and some companies then go on to get certified organic by other more strict organizations.

4. Companies also want to reach out to the adventurous chocolate eater by using exotic ingredients in the chocolate. These types of chocolates usually have bold colors on the package label, to emphasize the exotic ingredients that are in the chocolate. Exotic ingredients may include, spices like cayenne pepper, or different fruits like passion fruit or mango.

5. Sugar free chocolate appeals to those who have diabetes or anyone who wants to reduce their sugar intake. The diet industry has really taken off in the past ten years and as such, so has the diet chocolate industry. People with diabetes or consumers who are watching their weight are able to eat chocolate that is made without sugar. This chocolate is usually made with artificial sweeteners and the packaging reflects this change. The wrapping and labeling on this kind of chocolate bar is usually lighter, to indicate that it is lighter in calories and sugar, therefore, making it a light chocolate bar.

6. Finally, there is marketing towards children, in which companies make a product that is fun with packaging that has bright colors. There are many chocolate producing companies whose target market is children. In order to attract children anywhere from two to sixteen, they make their labels appear bright and cheerful. These companies also make their companies seem fun and sometimes quirky to attract children to other products they may offer.

Chocolate has been a part of the everyday consumers’ lives for hundreds of years. It is only in the recent past that the consumer market for chocolate has been segmented into so many different components. The consumer market is also constantly changing, so it will be interesting to see what new markets come about in the next few decades and how the chocolate industry will deal with these future changes in the chocolate market.

Bull Market Flashback to 1982

On August 19, 1986, I landed at the JFK airport, and my dad’s old college classmate, James, picked me up. After a few days of staying with him and his family, he dropped me off at college in Montclair, New Jersey.

Coming to the United States was a new beginning for me. Going to college was like diving into a whole new world, where I had to figure out something new each and every day. It forced me to work out how things worked bit by bit.

And so many things that are so obvious today… were so hard to figure out on my own back then. For example, I didn’t know how to dress for cold weather, and, as a result, I was cold almost all the time in the winter.

What’s going on in the stock market reminds me of that time, because today most people are completely baffled. Unless you have experience and knowledge of how markets work, you’re going to make all the wrong decisions.

And you could end up missing out on something that could absolutely change your life in 2017…

This critical thing is a bull market in stocks.

And I’m not just talking about a major new bull market in stocks that is going to propel the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 50,000… and then beyond.

I believe that when this bull market ends, the Dow could easily be 100,000.

I know that many of you think that this seems crazy. However, think back to 1982, which was the beginning of the last major bull market in stocks. People were pessimistic about the future of our country.

One easy way to measure the negative mood of that time period is to look at one of the most popular magazines back then: Time.

The September 6, 1982 issue of Time featured the new bull market that was just beginning.

Inside the issue were doubts that are similar to the ones that people have today about the stock market:

No one predicted it. No one can explain it. No one dreamed that it could keep going day after day after day. But last week Wall Street continued on one of the most unbelievable stock-trading binges in financial history… The frenzy has broken records, and then broken them again… Is this a suckers’ rally or the beginning of a sustained bull market? Why has the momentum been so strong when the prospects for economic recovery are so uncertain?

Now, when you go back to 1982, you’ll find two incredible similarities to 2017.

First, there was an incredible technology – the personal computer was just beginning to emerge as an enormous economic force in our economy.

Second, you had the coming of age of the baby-boomer generation, the oldest of whom had just turned 34.

And today, we have the same two things going on.

First, we have this incredible technological development – the Internet of Things is beginning to revolutionize how our world works in everything from our roads to cars to our health and every part of our lives.

Second, we have the coming of age of the millennial generation – the biggest generation in U.S. history at 92 million strong.

An Astonishing Bull Market Rally

The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared from 770 in August 1982 up to 11,750 in January 2000 – a gain of 1,426%.

In other words, if you put $10,000 into the Dow index at the beginning of this bull market and simply held, you’d have $14.2 million by its end. Incredible, phenomenal, astonishing gains purely through buying in at the beginning of the bull market!

Now, I understand that many of you might be skeptical of what I’ve just told you.

However, I’ve spent a decade researching bull and bear markets through history. And this combination of a major technological change and a new generation coming of age is as close as you are going to get to a sure thing in terms of a formula for predicting a major new bull market. And it’s one that I’m staking my credibility and reputation on.

You could also buy a focused exchange-traded fund (ETF), such as the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (NYSE: DIA), to benefit from this major new bull market.

However, if you want to make life-changing gains that can give you financial freedom, you have to find single stocks with the potential to go up 300%, 500%, 1,000% or even more. This is the focus of a new service my publisher is launching early next year. Keep checking back here if you are the type of investor who wants these kinds of gains.

These kinds of gains may seem unimaginable today, but just remember that in the last major bull market we had incredible winners such as Home Depot that went from $0.15 a share to $52 – a gain of 34,567%. There are going to be astonishing winners just like Home Depot coming in the years ahead.

How to SEO Your Network Marketing Home Business Opportunity Website

If you have decided to market your network marketing home business opportunity on the internet, then it is imperative that you search engine optimize your website. In fact, it is necessary if you want your business to thrive online. This article will serve as a tutorial if you have no idea how to SEO. You see, SEOing your website will help you get traffic through search engines. The beauty of SEO is that it’s free traffic. Though Pay Per Click is an effective way to get traffic from a search engine, you have to pay for it. If you can SEO your website correctly, you can rank high in a search engine and in turn receive traffic.

The first thing you must understand about SEO is the use of keywords. You must do some keyword research and know what keywords you would like to rank for in the search engines. Only when you have a set of keywords you want to rank for is when you’re ready to SEO your website. A great free tool to use for your keyword research is Google AdWords Tool. It shows you how much a keyword is being search for. Ideally you want keywords that have a lot of search volume. For illustration purposes, we will use the keyword “home business” throughout this article.

After you have your keywords it is time to start optimizing. The first thing you have to do is to optimize the title tag of your website. The title tag is found between the head tags.

Here is what you’ll find:

Whatever your title is

What you want to do is put your keywords once or maybe even twice in the title tags. Never have a single keyword more than twice. Doing so will make search engines tag your site as keyword spam.

The following is what you should see after optimizing:

How To Start A Home Business

Notice how the keyword is in the title.

The next thing you want to do to SEO your website is to do some on-site optimization. To do this, you need to put your keywords in your header tags. It’s much more effective if you have every header tag, but it is important that you have at least the tag.

For example:

Your header could be “One Way To Start A Home Business.”

What you want to do is put an tag. It will look like this:

One Way To Start A Home Business

So long as your keywords are in those tags, your website will be optimized for search engines.

Another thing you must do to SEO your website is make sure that your keyword is repeated in your website content often. Not too much. Maybe three percent should suffice. Trying to pack your content with your keywords won’t help because many people found that stuffing a lot of keywords in content worked well to rank in search engines which made search engines think that these websites are just spam. So they don’t rank them.

Here’s an example of a paragraph on a website that has been optimized for the keyword “home business.”

“When starting a network marketing home business opportunity, you have to know that its more work then it seems. Especially when it comes to operating a home business, you have to be disciplined. You can’t just expect the home business to work automatically.”

As you can see, the keyword “home business” has been repeated throughout the paragraph. I might have repeated the keyword a little too much, but I did it so you can see exactly what I mean. Just remember to keep your keyword density not too high. Also, when doing this, you might find yourself trying to put keywords in your content too much that it makes the content not understandable.

The next step is to get quality backlinks. If you’re trying to run a network marketing home business opportunity, then you should try to get similar websites to have a link to your website. There are a ton of ways to get backlinks. I find that the use of submitting press releases, submitting your website to directories, and linking your website from an authoritative forum works wonders. There are more ways though. These are the basics though.

One last basic thing you can do is optimizing anchor texts. When you get backlinks from another website, ask the website creator to put your keyword in their links.

For example:

Instead of: CLICK HERE For The Best Home Business

Ask them to make the link like this: CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST HOME BUSINESS.

Instead of the link looking like “CLICK HERE” the link looks like “The Best Home Business.” That is optimizing anchor texts. What you have just learned here gives you a big advantage over your competition. Yes, there is more to SEO, but just knowing what I have presented puts you way past your competition than most. A lot of webmasters do not optimize their sites. SEO your network marketing home business opportunity website and you can literally double your business overnight.

Online Marketing Web Page Copywriting – Three Tips to Create a Page That Will Succeed

The fine art of copywriting has been around for decades. The relatively new art of online marketing web page copy writing is similar, but with a few changes to meet the need of the internet age marketing systems. The problem is that not many copywriters have the skill and knowledge to do it properly. Her are 3 aspects of the game that you should not forget.

Use these 3 important concepts to create massively compelling copy for your content.

1) Key Words- In today’s online marketing web page copywriting; you must work for traffic from highest search engine ranking. This process will require the effective use of relevant keywords. Your copy should be written for the search engine first then for the readers. The title is the larger percent of article draw and must contain your keywords to be noticed. Then you can add a catchy subtitle that sparks the interest of the reader and entices them to open the page.

2) Connect with Reader- In this market, less is better. You have around 8 seconds to make a connection and keep them reading. Use bullet points and highlight key points with bold fonts. Create the feeling that you are the industry expert and that the reader can trust your advice. Skilled online marketing web page copywriting can do that for you. Golden Nugget of the day: Focus on the readers needs and you will make that connection even stronger.

3) Call to Action- Your entire goal is to get people to act. Give strong reasons to take action. Use testimonials and references to make your argument more convincing and credible. There must be an emotionally charged reason to entice the reader to click a link, or buy something. Use the reader’s dreams and even fears to show them the benefits of your offerings.

Today’s copywriter must be able to attract the attention of the search engine bots and still compel the consumer to spend their money on the products at hand. This is more of an art than a science, but it can be learned and honed as with any skill. Learning all you can about internet marketing can be a good start. A solid marketing and mentoring group can make the difference to your success.

Profitable Article Marketing – 5 Brand New Methods to Impact Your Article Marketing

Article marketing can be your best traffic-generating tool – but only if you do the process right. In this article, I will share with you the 5 brand new methods that can help make your marketing strategies more impacting so you can generate more interest online and drive more traffic to your website:

1. Generate more inbound links for your website. As you know, inbound links can make your website more valuable and useful to the eyes of search engines. You can easily boost the number of your inbound links by multiplying the number of your articles or making your copies worth reading and worth sharing. If ezine publishers, bloggers, webmasters, and online business owners find your articles content-rich, well-written, and highly informative, they will surely use them in their blogs, websites, and portals that can give you more additional backlinks.

2. Write to inform and not to impress. Writing articles for the web is not exactly the best venue where you should showcase your wide range of vocabulary or expertise on different fields. Remember, you main objective in distributing your articles is to give your readers the kind of information they need. So, stick with information that are closely related to your main topic and just avoid showing off.

3. Be an expert. You must be a great source of information to your readers so you can easily help them through your content. Make sure that you know the ins and outs of your chosen industry by constantly doing your research or by interviewing other key people on your niche.

4. Publish your articles online. To easily get the word out about your website and about your expertise, submit your articles to leading article submission sites and article directories. Make sure that you prepare your keyword list, article summary, and resource box as publishers will reject your articles if they don’t have these important elements.

5. Create an author’s bio. You need to establish rapport with your readers so they will like you and eventually trust you. You can do this by giving these people a chance to get to know you more through your author’s bio. In this page, you can communicate your hobbies, interest, expertise, and other interesting personal information. You can also include your most friendly-looking picture so your readers can easily incorporate your personal information with a face.

MLM Leads – The Top 15 MLM Lead Companies in Network Marketing

That is a sound of music to my ears. Why? I worked MLM Leads for nearly 8 years, and had great success with them. That is why that I have a pretty good understanding of what really makes a good MLM Lead, and what does not.

In the pursuit of finding these top 15 Network Marketing Lead companies, there were some requirements and considerations that went into the mix. An MLM lead is only part of the MLM Lead Success Formula. There were 5 things that we looked at when we were considering MLM Lead Companies.

What are they?

1) Quality of the MLM lead.

Quality of lead is everything. There are some great looking websites out there that look totally rocking, but we found that the quality of leads when we called them, were less than what you should expect in an MLM lead.

Beautiful site, great looking logo, lousy leads.

That is why we actually had people order leads, and we called them. We called more than one bunch of leads as well. This at least would give us a feeling of consistency or lack of it. The MLM Lead companies we chose were highly consistent in quality of lead, and people who truly were looking for a business. It took us 7 months to complete the research on MLM leads.

2) Training of working the MLM Leads.

Many of the beautiful sites offered no type of ongoing training, and that was something that really needs to be be a part of any good MLM leads programs. There were some that had online training, as well as cds and training series you could purchase. That was good, but the ongoing live training was the best idea, and we found many MLM leads Companies that did just that.

Training also includes scripts, handling objections, presentation, following up, closing, and other MLM leads topics. There are some HOT MLM leads sites out there that truly delivered on this quality of MLM leads training.

3) MLM Leads Support.

The support factor was key. Once the MLM leads were purchased, was there somehow support in case of need? Most had email support, some had live phone support, and some had live instant message support. There were sites that offered no support, and if you had a challenge with your MLM leads, then good luck.

The support should be somehow resolving issues that arise, including bad mlm leads, wrong numbers or emails, and general problems. The MLM Leads companies we found that were the best, had a support system. And some type of guarantee also should be part of the network marketing lead program.

4) Targeted MLM leads.

Many companies had different types of targeted mlm leads, including company specific, live tv leads, local leads, gender specific, product specific, area code specific, among others. Targeted mlm leads are the favorite of the Networkers I talked to, as it gives people a more focused lead, and a more targeted impact.

5) Pricing of the MLM leads.

This was a huge factor in determining many people’s decision to buy. But to be blunt, you get what you pay for. There are many cheap network marketing home business lead companies with cheap leads, but here is a warning:

Be careful. You get what you pay for.

Ask if you can try maybe 15-20 leads to see if they are worth the money. Many companies give free network marketing leads away to try.

Understand that a great MLM lead may cost you several dollars, and rightfully so.


An MLM lead purchase is NOT a purchase, but an investment in your business. One good MLM lead can produce tens of thousands of dollars in volume and revenues. If you understand that, then the pricing should not be as important as the quality and training of the Network marketing lead company.

And of course, REPUTATION had a lot to do with the selection as well. Some companies that came across really well, when checked on, did not have a very good reputation for MLM Leads and service.


What are the Top 15 MLM lead Companies? (They are in no particular order, as all are really good as far as our research would tell us.)


Do your OWN DUE DILIGENCE before you purchase, but these we found are pretty strong as all scored well in the above areas of requirement.

1) Cutting Edge Media


2) Leads2yoursuccess.com


3) Networkleads.com


4) ProStep MLM leads


5) LeadsLab MLM leads


6) Leaders Club MLM leads


7)Traffic Oasis (Need a referral source for this one)


8) Fast MLM Leads


9) Pro MLM Leads


10) NPros (Company specific mlm leads)


11) Jungle Leads


12) Optimized Leads


13) Laser Leads


14) Leads Lists


15) MLM leads.com


There ARE other good MLM lead companies out there, depending on what you are looking for. But these we found as far as research, were the better ones, and some were beyond exceptional.

MLM leads are a great source of NEW BLOOD for your business. You can find Gold mine after Gold mine, in a good Network marketing lead and great MLM Leads.

Blessings…Doug (c) 2005/ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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