Small Business Marketing Solution – Find the Brand Dissonance

OK, we want to be consistent in our small business marketing message. How?

First, we must seek out the dissonance in our advertising message. Nails screeching across a chalkboard in a quiet classroom or the squeal of brakes in the middle of a residential neighborhood are obvious and startling types of dissonance.

It’s easy to see obvious violations of your company’s brand. Many big corporations rightly focus on the company logo as the ultimate visual representation of the brand. Any errors or distortions of the company logo are quickly spotted and corrected. So critical is the logo to many large corporations that they have legal counsel quickly and firmly contact any parties that are misusing the logo in any way.

For a small business, the signage displayed on the storefront and within the store is typically the equivalent of a corporate logo. Very few small businesses have really recognizable logos that are their own. They commonly have a piece of clip art placed next to a distinctive font that bears the company name, and that is about as close to a corporate logo that any of them get.

And you know what? It is usually enough.

Because for most small business, it is not the logo or the signage that is the brand. At its best, a logo merely calls to mind the brand. It is not the brand itself. A logo, like any other symbol, is completely neutral in meaning without being placed in the proper context.

So, if the signage in your store in straight and properly fixed and doesn’t need painted and there are no bulbs burned out in any of your flashing signs, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and look for instances where you are really whispering to your customer something that is in direct conflict with what your brand stands for.

Here we aren’t looking for that nails-on-chalkboard obvious violation, but the small, discreet nail in the tire of your car that. You know that nail; when you pull out of the driveway you don’t even notice it and then, ten miles down the road, you are sitting there stranded with a flat.

When hunting for the dissonance in your brand, it’s best to start small. Begin with the little things your customers–and staff–see every day. Let’s start with your receipt.

Most business gives out some type of receipt. Does yours thank the customer? Does it have your phone number or store location? How about your logo? Your website address? Is it something you are proud of, utilitarian as it is? Pack as much useful information on your receipt as is prudent, because it is a little whisper to the customer that you care enough about them to make your relevant info available and at their fingertips should they need it.

For most customers, that receipt turns into a scrap of paper very quickly; but for those few that need the information, even if it’s just your phone number, that receipt can be a life saver.

Start with the little, mundane items like receipts, and just look for anyplace where you aren’t reinforcing the brand message you want your customer to hear.

Remember: Brand (who you are) + Package (your Face to the Customer) + People (customers and employees) = Marketing Success.

© 2006 Marketing Hawks

Have Fun Between the Sheets! A Review of Sheet Music by Dr Kevin Leman

I’m not ashamed to say that sex is one of my favorite subjects. There is little I don’t like about sex between a married husband and wife, Whenever someone asks me, “Dr. Leman, whats the best position for sex?” I always respond, “Any position is good if it gets the job done!” – Dr. Kevin Leman

In ‘Sheet Music’, Kevin Leman gives a crash course on sex between married couples. Beginning with husband and wife before their marriage, he walks through the first night together, all the way to the golden years!

Leman covers everything you might think of – sexual positions, oral sex, ways to spice up love making, orgasms – if you have thought about it, its in here. But it is brought up in a tasteful way that doesn’t get out of hand.

What Can You Apply Right Away?

While Kevin Leman only mentions 5 positions for sex (you can probably think of them all if you try), his chapter on “Thirty-One Flavors – And None of Them Are Ice Cream” is a great idea generator on how to bring fun and play – and romance into your marriage bed.

If You Could Only Read One Chapter, Which would I suggest?

‘Too Pooped To Whoop’. Not only does it have an awesome title, the chapter deals with what happens when other things zap your sex life. Leman talks to the husband about loving his wife outside the bedroom when she isn’t in the mood, and also adds tips for the wife when her husband isn’t in the mood. (I guess this happens…somewhere!?)

The Big Wrap Up. I was really excited when my wife picked this book up at the bookstore. I was sure to have great sex from that day forward! Of course, I am the reader in our family, and she put the book down after a couple chapters. I realize that I probably needed it more than she did!!!

Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage is a great read – for married couples, and for soon-to-be married couples – on how to enjoy sex together from night one…to night ten thousand and one, and beyond!

Bull Market Flashback to 1982

On August 19, 1986, I landed at the JFK airport, and my dad’s old college classmate, James, picked me up. After a few days of staying with him and his family, he dropped me off at college in Montclair, New Jersey.

Coming to the United States was a new beginning for me. Going to college was like diving into a whole new world, where I had to figure out something new each and every day. It forced me to work out how things worked bit by bit.

And so many things that are so obvious today… were so hard to figure out on my own back then. For example, I didn’t know how to dress for cold weather, and, as a result, I was cold almost all the time in the winter.

What’s going on in the stock market reminds me of that time, because today most people are completely baffled. Unless you have experience and knowledge of how markets work, you’re going to make all the wrong decisions.

And you could end up missing out on something that could absolutely change your life in 2017…

This critical thing is a bull market in stocks.

And I’m not just talking about a major new bull market in stocks that is going to propel the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 50,000… and then beyond.

I believe that when this bull market ends, the Dow could easily be 100,000.

I know that many of you think that this seems crazy. However, think back to 1982, which was the beginning of the last major bull market in stocks. People were pessimistic about the future of our country.

One easy way to measure the negative mood of that time period is to look at one of the most popular magazines back then: Time.

The September 6, 1982 issue of Time featured the new bull market that was just beginning.

Inside the issue were doubts that are similar to the ones that people have today about the stock market:

No one predicted it. No one can explain it. No one dreamed that it could keep going day after day after day. But last week Wall Street continued on one of the most unbelievable stock-trading binges in financial history… The frenzy has broken records, and then broken them again… Is this a suckers’ rally or the beginning of a sustained bull market? Why has the momentum been so strong when the prospects for economic recovery are so uncertain?

Now, when you go back to 1982, you’ll find two incredible similarities to 2017.

First, there was an incredible technology – the personal computer was just beginning to emerge as an enormous economic force in our economy.

Second, you had the coming of age of the baby-boomer generation, the oldest of whom had just turned 34.

And today, we have the same two things going on.

First, we have this incredible technological development – the Internet of Things is beginning to revolutionize how our world works in everything from our roads to cars to our health and every part of our lives.

Second, we have the coming of age of the millennial generation – the biggest generation in U.S. history at 92 million strong.

An Astonishing Bull Market Rally

The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared from 770 in August 1982 up to 11,750 in January 2000 – a gain of 1,426%.

In other words, if you put $10,000 into the Dow index at the beginning of this bull market and simply held, you’d have $14.2 million by its end. Incredible, phenomenal, astonishing gains purely through buying in at the beginning of the bull market!

Now, I understand that many of you might be skeptical of what I’ve just told you.

However, I’ve spent a decade researching bull and bear markets through history. And this combination of a major technological change and a new generation coming of age is as close as you are going to get to a sure thing in terms of a formula for predicting a major new bull market. And it’s one that I’m staking my credibility and reputation on.

You could also buy a focused exchange-traded fund (ETF), such as the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (NYSE: DIA), to benefit from this major new bull market.

However, if you want to make life-changing gains that can give you financial freedom, you have to find single stocks with the potential to go up 300%, 500%, 1,000% or even more. This is the focus of a new service my publisher is launching early next year. Keep checking back here if you are the type of investor who wants these kinds of gains.

These kinds of gains may seem unimaginable today, but just remember that in the last major bull market we had incredible winners such as Home Depot that went from $0.15 a share to $52 – a gain of 34,567%. There are going to be astonishing winners just like Home Depot coming in the years ahead.

Internet Marketing At Its Best

With the continued growth of the computer age, there is a whole new way of marketing a business. Especially for businesses who perform most of their transactions online. When reaching for online customers, internet marketing becomes the main target for your marketing efforts as it will attract the customers in your demographic – online users.

There are two distinct styles for online marketing, one is business marketing, the other is website marketing. With web site marketing the goal is to have people searching for particular services or products find your web site while conducting an online search through the major search engines. There are many facets involved in web site marketing and once a business is able to get them all clicking together, there is a good chance they will experience a major influx of new visitors to their web site.

One the other side are businesses that heavily promote their availability aimed at the internet users more so than the search engines. Buying internet advertisements, sending out emails and other promotional marketing materials that are designed to bring visitors to their online web sites, are just a few of the online marketing strategies being used today.

One of the things to remember with online marketing is to consider your home page as a billboard along the side of the road. If there is little traffic along the road, there will be few people who will see your billboard so your efforts should be focused on getting people on the right road. Looking at it from another perspective, there may be over a thousand people selling a certain brand of personal care items and they all have a web site, many provided free when they signed up and they all look alike and have the same enhancements.

If a person searches for the brand by name, there is no telling whose web site is going to pop up in the search results. If you own one of these thousands of sites, specific marketing will need to be done to guide that potential traffic to the site you own. To do this you can use pay-per-click advertising that you pay for based on the number of visitors who click through to your site.

Affiliate marketing is also a popular method of bringing visitors to your site. As a business, you agree to pay a certain percentage or dollar amount of a sale to another site, an affiliate, who drives the traffic to you. Essentially, you are gaining free advertising and only pay for it if your site makes a sale. While some link exchange programs have been successful in the past, having thousands of unrelated links to your site may turn search engines against you and lose your information from their engines and as a result from their results pages.

The Fortune Key Review

Making money online is the best resource you will ever find if you are really serious about making extra money. The opportunity that the internet is providing has no limit. The only thing you will do is to dig and find the work from home program that best suites your needs and interest. Now, The Fortune Key is a new work from home program that has been out in the market. I know for sure that a lot of you are looking for the best and honest review about this home based opportunity. I will not consume so much of your time so let start with our review.

You will find so many reviews about The Fortune Key. The problem is not so many of these reviewers actually give out the information you are looking for. The question has to be answer, does the fortune key a scam? I already did a lot of comparison, I compare it with the many work from home program and I found out that this home based business is so unique. It will provide you the right kind of information that you can used to start making money online immediately. It doesn’t involve any website making, affiliates and a lot of things you already tested but still failed to give you enough money for a living.

What is The fortune Key all about? It is a unique program that will give you a thorough idea about the many possibility of making money online. It has been created for the beginners and for those who actually earning online but wanted to boost their income potential to maximum level. This work from home opportunity will provide you the key to online fortune that the many successful companies are using now. This multi million dollars companies doesn’t want to share this information and kept it secret for a long time. But one man stood and take a different path. His name was Leon Hill. He decided to revealed and share the secret to help everyone to make money online. Because he thinks that the possibility to make money is online and the market was so big so there is no point to hide this secret anymore. He wanted to give opportunity for everyone to establish their own place to the large wealth pot of making money online.

So,what will you get from The Fortune Key? It will going to provide you step by step strategies to make real money online. It will provide you 2 unique and revolutionary method of making money online. It will provide you the key to:

  1. 3-tier Method – which is designed for beginner. The Fortune key make the techniques and strategies so simple so the beginner can fully understand how to really establish their own home-based business and earn passive income for life. This will not required you any online experience or technical expertise. You can start making money immediately with this method. This is best because you really don’t have to spend any dime just to make profits. And the good news it you can repeat it and multiply giving you more chance to earn huge income.
  2. 2-tier method – which is designed for those who want to earned million dollars a year. The Fortune Key will give you the key to infinite wealth possibilities. You will learn how to become a self made millionaire online. You will also learn here how can you create and carbon copied business model that replicate itself on its own.

What I like about The Fortune Key is that the techniques and the strategies are well laid and explained. It includes every single pieces of knowledge accumulated which has been refined, perfected and put it into one comprehensive easy to read manual. You really don’t have to do complicated things. This work from home is so unique because it was jam packed, a lot of hidden secrets to make money online has been revealed here, it open its door to a powerful resources and the program provided excellent visual extras for easy understanding of the information provided.

The Fortune Key is really an excellent choice what I don’t like about the program is that they are not offering a lot of bonus but I still found it good and perfect enough, because the system is so good that it is useless to offer a lot of bonus and freebies. They will provide you an instant access to bonus pack worth $197 for free. Which I found out that it is not bad after all. Because it also open the door to secure cash machine – instant, easy cash with absolutely no outlay. In the end I just love The fortune key more even though they just give 1 bonus pack.

For our conclusion, The Fortune key answer the many query about the best work from home program. It earned my respect and I myself decided to try the program. What makes me more happy is the amount that I’m earning now using the program is unbelievable. Maybe it’s time for you to try this one too. If you are really serious of making a substantial income online, this is just perfect for you. Click Here [] and try it now, start making your online wealth instantly!

PHCS Health Insurance Quotes, Plans, and Company Review

When looking for health insurance it is very important to keep in mind that there are many companies out there that will try offering you the best prices for your needs. However, not all of them are known all around the United States and not all of them offer you the same benefits. One of the many companies offering coverage in the continental United States is Private Health Care Systems best known as PHCS. They are the primary national PPO network and care management product of the company MultiPlan.

Before talking about PHSC it’s important to know a little bit more about the parent company. MultiPlan was founded in 1970 and is the oldest and largest of independent, network-based cost management solutions. They have more than half a million health care providers that service an estimated 40 million consumers. To top it all of the estimated millions of consumers have about 70 million claims that are processed through MultiPlan’s networks each year. How about that for a health insurance option?

On the other hand Private Health Care Systems (Owned by MultiPlan as said before) has the largest proprietary preferred provider (PPO) organization in all the United States. With about 450,000 members attending one of the 4,000 facilities PHCS members have access to a variety of providers around the United States. They are also the first and only propriety network to earn five endorsements due to quality from two nationally recognized quality assurance organizations, URAC and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

PHCS’ job is to contact their providers in order for them to allow their network member to visit them at lower costs. The network also has something referred to as a “High network retention rate” which means that once a customer selects a Primary Care Physician (PCP) that doctor will remain available all through their health plan. Most of the people that are members of this great network include large employers such as companies and enterprises, commercial insurance carriers, regional managed cared organizations and third party administrators. The PHCS network offers the following to its members:

National Access with Excellent Cost Savings: No matter where the members are, they offer a variety of services from coast to coast. You can contact them at (866) 750-7427 to see how much they can save you in health care costs.

PHCS Healthy Directions: Eliminates the need of having an HMO, PPO or POS because it pays full charges for services when a member travels or goes to school outside the coverage area. As a member you will be able to have freedom in order for you to choose a provider from within the national network, to lower your out of pocket costs for members with providers in the PHCS Network, and to call a toll free number in your I.D. card for provider information.

Quality: PHCS didn’t just link a variety of little networks and pierce them together, instead they created a national network that allows them to credential and re-credential their providers to maintain good quality healthcare.

Private Health Care Systems is a care management company as well as network based insurance. PHCS is the second largest independent care management company functioning in the United States today. Their care management specialists review any patients’ cases to make certain that patients receive the best treatment available as well as giving them freedom to from a variety of options that nest suit their unique utilization review needs. You are able to employ this care management system in the area of your business where it will make the biggest impact. PHCS Core Plan includes the following utilization management products, however, is important to keep in mind that you can add some supplemental products that will be discussed below in addition to the Core Value ones.

Core Value Plan:

1. Concurrent Review

2. Certification

3. Discharge Planning

Additional Supplemental Modules that can be purchased:

1. Chiropractic Review

2. Selective CT/MRI Review

3. Podiatry Review

4. Outpatient Rehabilitation Review

Revitol Review

If you want the very best in all-natural skin care, you can find it all at This incredible collection of the very best in skin care addresses every skin care need for both men and women. There’s no need to look all over for the best care for you skin, you can find it all in one convenient place. Whatever your specific care need may be, they have something to address it all. Let them help you find your best skin.

Their Complete Anti-Aging Solutions address the lines and wrinkles caused by aging. This collection includes 3 easy steps to younger looking skin, and will diminish the appearance of lines & wrinkles as well as promote even skin tone. also has eye cream that will reduce dark under-eye circles, puffiness, and the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles around the eye. It’s easy to see how they’ll get you looking your very best in no time.

Also included in their complete skin care line is the Acne treatment, Acnezine. This incredibly effective treatment gets down to the root of acne and gives you clear skin in weeks. also offers a Cellulite Solution that will eliminate cellulite, dimples, and inches in just weeks. This easy-to-apply solution is made of the finest all-natural ingredients. For those pesky stretch marks, they have an incredible product that reduces the appearance of existing stretch marks and promotes healthy skin. There also is a selection of products for hair removal, skin brightening, and skin exfoliation to provide overall care. is the leader in comprehensive skin care solutions. With such a complete collection of products to address any skin care need, you can easily find the right product to meet your specific need. Let them help you find the way to your perfect skin.

Off-Market Properties: The Key to Real Estate Success

It was the “Wild-West” days of real estate! The market had just cratered, real estate agents were dropping like flies, and the implosion of “liar-loans” was decimating neighborhoods. Looking back, I sure picked one heck of a time to start!

When you begin in and survive a market like this, buying properties at the right price becomes permanently stamped on your being. It is very similar to how many people who survived the Great Depression would always keep an overstocked pantry.

So even though I have been a full-time real estate investor for seven years and the market is thriving, I still diligently seek out opportunities that will be financially sound in any market. In other words, I only buy really good deals!

The key driver of my real estate success has been OFF-MARKET properties. Using proven systems, I have consistently generated exceptional opportunities often on properties I never would have known were even potentially available!

So let’s look at three sources for off-market properties.

The first is working directly with homeowners. This is generally my preferred method and this is where I focus my marketing machine. It takes a little more effort but this is where you find those “once in a lifetime” deals. If you have a great system, you will find exceptional opportunities routinely.

The second is working with high-quality Wholesalers and Wholesale Brokerages. Here you have an entire group of people scouring the area looking for well-priced investor deals. Generally, they understand exactly what investors are looking for, how to estimate repairs, and what price an investor would pay for the property. So in addition to your own lead generation efforts, you have an opportunity to capitalize on the efforts of 10 or 20 other people as well.

Lastly, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, real estate agents can be a great source for off-market properties. You will often hear these properties referred to as “Pocket Listings.” A property where the agent knows the owner has an interest in selling, but for whatever reason prefers the property not be listed “on the open market” yet. This is very common with commercial real estate. If you want to learn about these opportunities before they hit the market, you will definitely need to have developed a strong relationship with the agent.

Off-market properties have incredible potential and can really accelerate your real estate investing success. They are going to take a little more effort but the payoff is definitely worth it. In today’s highly competitive property market, there is a tremendous advantage in being able to talk to potential sellers first!

Scalp Trading – Reducing Risk With Shorter Time Frames

Traders use various methods to trade the equity markets depending mostly on their personalities and risk tolerance. Although when most people think about trading stocks or futures, day trading is usually the method that comes to mind. However, this method requires longer holding periods leading to increased risk. Scalp trading is a technique utilized to decrease risk while profiting from the financial markets.

Anytime a position is opened in the market, the clock begins to tick and with each tick comes added risk since your position is subject to market forces. In order to reduce market exposure and better manage risk, we need to decrease the time frame of holding open positions. Scalp trading is custom made just for this purpose. Allowing you to profit as a trader and cutting risk.

This form of trading can be used employing whatever type of system you are most comfortable with such as traditional candlestick charting formations, crossovers, moving averages or pivot points to name just a few. Whichever tools you choose to employ when scalping the equity markets, the rules remain the same. Always obey your stop loss and exit quickly once your stop is reached – no exceptions. Most of all remember you are not swinging for the fences trying for a homerun on each trade. Scalping is all about small profits and managing risk.

Many experienced traders employ this type of trading using their home computers as well as professionals on the floor of the major exchanges. Some veterans forego complex market systems and rely only on a time and sales screen executing orders when certain levels are reached within the market. Quickly entering and exiting, banking small profits under the radar. By reducing the amount of time your positions are exposed to the market using scalp trading methods, you can greatly reduce your losses keep risk levels in check.

Marketing Strategy and Movie Distribution Plans

It’s too easy to neglect having a marketing strategy and movie distribution plan when producing on an indie film budget. Producers are focused on fleshing out a tight screenplay, hiring cast and crew while keeping track of every dollar they spend. Studio budget movies hire goliath companies to develop a marketing strategy and movie distribution plan for their latest blockbuster.

Indie filmmakers have to get creative with their marketing strategy and movie distribution plan so their creative hard work doesn’t just disappear after it’s done. I’ve been learning a lot of good stuff by following what other filmmakers are doing to market a movie in order to make film distribution money.

One movie with a sexually driven theme created artwork and an attention grabbing marketing package that included condoms with the name of the film printed on them. I read they stood out at film festivals with this creative approach. There are also rare indie produced movies that are so damn entertaining they secure meaningful movie distribution without a strong marketing strategy to promote them.

But why take the gamble that your movie will be one of the rare ones? Thinking about a marketing strategy and movie distribution plan early as possible is what successful indie producers do. I don’t read entertainment industry trades like The Hollywood Reporter or Variety because they don’t have information based off the real life indie cinema scene.

I’ve been turning to blogs more and more that are ran by indie producers and filmmakers that share what marketing strategies and movie distribution plans have worked for them. I really like reading Indie Slate Magazine and MovieMaker Magazine because they spend time focusing on the business of indie filmmaking not just the creative part of the process.

Creating an online buzz for an indie feature is one of the most effective ways to market a movie without having to spend money you don’t have. It only takes personal time to run a movie blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, Google +1 and other popular social networking outlets. Crowd funding for indie movies has really shown that people do respond to online marketing. The effort to keep a movie blog fresh and stay connected with people pays off in the end. Building interest for a movie online is the way to go.

Having an idea of what the movie distribution plan is going to be will depend on what you want as a producer. Are you going to self-distribute or look to land a distribution deal with a company?

Movie self-distribution makes financial sense for smaller budget indie films. Self-distribution allows the creators to keep control of the rights to their movie. Less money has to be made from direct sales to make a real profit from a movie because there aren’t distribution fees and percentages taken out by a distributor. Many filmmakers have made money for their film investors and themselves from their work through self-distribution combined with an aggressive online marketing push they do themselves.

Landing a movie distribution deal normally offers greater exposure and more people see a movie that is released by a film distribution company worldwide than a self-distributed titled. Movie distributors that cater to releasing indie films usually don’t put together a big marketing strategy. They have relationships with film buyers all over the world that receive their catalog of available titles or see what they have at film markets.

Avoid a past mistake I made by sitting back after signing a distribution deal expecting the distributor to market the hell out of the title. It’s important to still have a workable marketing strategy after you sign a movie distribution agreement. You’ll have to check with the distributor to see what you can and can’t do to market your movie online. But overall it’s a win-win for both parties in exposure and film sales.